The Kulinda Consortium provides a complete solution stack to ensure that a tax stamp program successfully meets the exact objectives and requirements of the revenue agency.

Our goal is not to merely sell a tax stamp but provide a total and holistic solution that will circumvent all attempts at smuggling and counterfeiting and therefore fully protect the agency’s excise tax revenue.

Kulinda provides a full range of offerings in this sector, that include the following —

  • custom artwork design | overt, covert, forensic, and digital components
  • printing and delivery of tax stamps | low to high volume demands
  • ordering module | for use by revenue agencies or their clients
  • asset tracking | real-time knowledge of tax stamp shipment and ownership
  • aggregation module | facilitate stamp commissioning in the marketplace
  • application hardware | label applicators and online integration services
  • product-code mapping module | connects full product details and image to each serial code
  • decommissioning module | management of non-circulated or waste labels
  • mobile application | tax stamp authentication by inspectors/consumers; no need for cellular network
  • non-clonable digital technologies | two-factor authentication and digital fingerprinting
  • real-time mapping of authentication outcomes
  • dashboards, reports, analytics | full business intelligence suite
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