A highly innovative program has been designed that is truly unique in this space for protecting brand owners against counterfeiting, diversion (parallel trading), smuggling, unauthorized sales, and trademark infringement … or simply to engage with customers via an interactive digital platform.

One of Kulinda’s most highly acclaimed features — no requirement for cellular network or Internet — provides immense flexibility. Kulinda labels can be authenticated by consumers on the spot without the need for connectivity, making it indispensible for use indoors, at remote locations, or any place where mobile Internet access is absent.

The following properties of this program make it stand apart from all others in the consumer products space.

Table d’hôte or à la carte – your choice in security labels

Kulinda offers a standard set of pre-designed security labels in three different sizes that are available for immediate use – 15×20 mm, 20×45 mm, and 15×70 mm. Each label is serialized, barcoded, and protected via a unique two-factor authentication program, in addition to various embedded overt and covert features.

Alternatively, Kulinda can print and deliver customized security labels designed specifically for the brand owner, with its own logos, marks, and other customized features. The design, shape, size and content are fully customizable for the specific needs of the customer.

Either way, the result is one of the most beautiful, functional, and highly robust digital security labels available in the market.

Rapid turn-around times

There are many instances where time is of the essence for the brand owner. Kulinda’s standard, off-the-shelf security labels are always in stock. As a result, these labels can be delivered with ultrafast turnaround times, often less than two weeks, allowing the brand owner to start their program in the fastest manner possible.


The Kulinda program allows brand owners to start their journey with minimal risk. Most solution providers impose stiff minimum order quantities (MOQ) to recover their program investment. The Kulinda program is a mature offering with its ready stock of standard security labels at three pre-defined sizes. As a result, the MOQ has been kept to the lowest level possible per order, with no minimum annual volume requirements.

Exceptional cost-benefit credential

Kulinda security labels offer the very latest digital technologies along with a complement of overt, covert, and forensic components that offer the highest level of protection against cloning. The labels are exceptionally beautiful and printed on synthetic material to protect against most environmental factors.

The Kulinda program has also been acclaimed to be among the lowest cost in the security label market. All products and services are included in the cost — physical labels, digital program, mobile application, and authentication database with real-time operational visibility and dashboards.

Total flexibility

The Kulinda program offers exceptional opportunities to create a fully customized program based on the fundamental security features that are core components. In addition to creating customized versions of the security label, Kulinda can also design a mobile application (iOS and Android) that meets the specific needs of the customer. The backend database along with its usage properties and visualization schemes are also fully customizable.

In short, the brand owner can choose to quickly deploy the standard Kulinda security program or create a unique customized version to reflect the specific needs of the company.

The Kulinda security label program for brand owners offers a total turnkey brand protection portfolio, a comprehensive set of benefits, and the fastest start-up currently available anywhere — all at a cost that is remarkable for a program of such exceptional quality.

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