Turnkey revenue protection for governments and brand owners.

About Us

The Kulinda Consortium is an alliance of specialized member companies that came together to provide state-of-the-art solutions to governments and brand owners in the private sector for protection against:

  • counterfeiting
  • smuggling
  • diversion (parallel trading)
  • unauthorized sales
  • trademark infringement

Kulinda also provides value-added services that include consumer engagement, asset traceability, and business intelligence.

Kulinda takes an entirely different approach to solving its customers’ problems. Rather than merely selling a product, the Consortium first undertakes an in-depth study of the problem to then design a customized solution that will be economical, effective, and enduring.



The Kulinda Consortium provides turnkey programs to its clients by drawing from the decades of experience of its group members in the field of brand protection. The result is a customized holistic solution that meets the total needs of its public and private sector clients.

The following general features apply to all Kulinda security programs —

  • high-end digital security labels | consumer product protection; tax stamps, national ID cards
  • serialization & authentication programs | a complete stack of front- and back-end solutions
  • online printing & vision hardware | supply, installation, training, support, maintenance
  • latest generation anti-counterfeiting technologies | digital fingerprinting; 2-factor authentication
  • program integration services | on-site management and deployment
  • customized solution architecture development | individually tailored program design
  • dedicated mobile application development | generic or branded iOS & Android products
  • authentication database management | dashboards, reports, analytics
  • ongoing customer support | hotline for immediate support to inspectors and consumers
  • regulatory compliance | meeting specific serialization and traceability mandates

The Kulinda Consortium provides products and services in three key areas.

Consumer Products

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Tax Stamps

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National ID Cards

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The Kulinda Consortium was founded by a group of professionals in the brand protection, security printing, and IT space. Their singular objective was to create and deliver an outstanding brand protection program that would take an entirely different approach to protecting government assets, brand equity, and most importantly, ordinary consumers.

The founding partners have been joined by associate partners from all areas of the security domain, including program management, hardware provisioning, factory integration, biometric data management, program enrolment services, and business development.

We invite you to contact us if you want to join the Consortium and benefit from our cooperative, multilateral, and integrative approach to protecting brands, governments, and consumers. But mainly, we seek partners with a demonstrable passion in the service of eliminating counterfeit products and making the world a safer place.



    The unique nature of the Kulinda program makes it essential to start with a conversation, given that every requirement is unique and deserves its own discussion.

    We invite you to contact us via email. Let’s start the journey together.